Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Animal, Shamanic and Reiki Gifts with Spirit!

We've been busy shamanic elves here at Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing, and have some wonderful new gifts available for you, a loved one or friend.

Spiritual Journals
Created to pair with our new Shamanic Calendar/Workbook so that you can record your experiences in greater detail, these journals are also great solo acts for special times and events: Journeys, loss of a loved one; Fire Ceremonies, tracking change and transformation; Mother Moon, for harmony with the natural cycles, and more.

The perfect journal for when you want to do some spiritual housecleaning, photo shows a deluxe smudge kit containing sage, juniper bundles, palo santo wood, abalone shell, and wild turkey feathers for ceremonial clearing work. The smudge kit pictured is also available for purchase, see our NEW Grande Smudge Kit for another great gift idea.

Reiki Hats That Tell the World Who You Are!

Who's the boss? The energy! There is something really appealing about a trucker hat that lets everyone know you are a Reiki Woman! There's even one for Animal Reiki people complete with cat or dog pawprints! Hats are available in different colors/styles as well as with slogans "got reiki?," "Reiki Dude," and "Reiki Master."

Power Up Your Reiki Practice!

Your car, your t-shirt, hat, purse or shopping bag can all be vehicles to help drive your healing practice to success. Check out our Reiki wares: License Plate Frames, Mugs, Earth friendly canvas shopping bags, buttons, etc. Tell the world what you offer!

License plate frames are an excellent way to generate free advertising buzz. Available in several slogans: "got reiki," "reiki on!," "reiki practitioner," "reiki master," reiki for better living," "the reiki way...helps keep the doctor/vet away," "animal reiki practitioner," etc.

New Reiki Wear: Clothing with Meaning

Just in, popular hoodies and sweatshirts for women, men, and children in your choice of colors and slogans.

The Japanese kanji for Reiki, pictured here, was designed specially just for Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing by calligrapher David Engstrom. It looks different from the modern style Reiki symbol you are used to seeing because this kanji is done in old style calligraphy. In essence, this style shows the word "Reiki" as it would have been written during the time period in which Dr. Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki, was living.

Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year from all of us!

Rose De Dan, Saqqara, Kiya, Puma, Cougar, and Sand

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