Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Purrs and Catcalls in Interview with Rose De Dan on A Life on Fire

This Wednesday, June 3, 2009, my interview with the Sisters of Sizzle, Elise Kloter and Jill Pagano on A Life on Fire, airs on ContactTalk Radio at 3pm PST.

Elise and Jill's mission is to search out people who are living their passion and and get them to share it with others. Their excitement is contagious, this was the most fun I have had so far doing an interview. You won't want to miss our purring contest, or our standup comedy routine on cat calling. And yes, we do cover serious issues such as my dream of bringing the benefits of energy healing and animal communication to zoo animals.

You can listen online around the World and in Seattle on 106.9 HD Channel 3 this Wednesday at 3PM Pacific Time, and if you can't listen at that time the show will be archived for your convenience!

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