Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cat Northern Lights

Recently I purchased a long-overdue, new computer. My new iMac has sped up my work life immensely, and is a sculptural work of art, for a computer (thanks, Apple and Steve Jobs!). However, it has an additional, and probably unanticipated benefit: my cat, Kiya, loves one of the screen savers.

Originally I had used one of the Apple slideshows of trees and Nature, visually stunning and restful, but suddenly I needed a change of pace, and the beautiful streamers of moving light called Flurry seemed just the thing, so I reset it and left the room.

When I returned, it was to find Kiya parked right in front of the screen, actively patting it and chasing the streamers as they moved (you can see her pawprint smears from previous passes in the photo). I should have known this would happen, this was the cat that once spent a half hour with me watching Jacquie Lawson animated Christmas cards (see The True Joy of the Season).

Now it appears that my new computer was not just a business purchase, but also a Christmas present for Kiya and I, making it, paws down, the most expensive cat toy I have ever purchased.

Then she did something even more entertaining and amazing, she just sat and watched the light show. I wondered if I should pass her some popcorn, or perhaps some catnip would be more appropriate?

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