Monday, July 9, 2007

got reiki?

A three year-old brightened my day recently.

His father is my Japanese-style acupuncturist, and is also the person who created the beautiful old style calligraphy of the Reiki kanji for my Reiki store and practice. As a thank you I gave him a t-shirt for his son, Ryan. On the front it says got reiki? and on the back is the kanji.

Ryan’s mother shared with me that he is going through a stage where he like to wear t-shirts with words on them, such as “Superman” and “Spiderman” so that he can say what is printed there. One morning he chose my “got reiki?” t-shirt and when his mother asked him what it said, he enthusiastically exclaimed, “Rose!”

Now that’s what I call brand identification! So, need reiki? Think of me (-:

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