Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Voter Guide for the Environment ELECTION '08

Where Does YOUR Congressman Stand?

In addition to working towards personal solutions, we should all hold our elected officials accountable to offering Americans the policy solutions that will help to protect wildlife for their sake and our children's future. allows you to put the Congressional candidates from your district side by side and compare their answers to some of the most pressing questions for America's conservationists. So before you make your way to the voting booth next month...

Please take a few minutes to find out where your candidates stand on some of the most important issues for the future of wildlife. Visit the CandidAnswers website, where you can join others in asking your candidates for Congress where they stand on pressing environmental issues.

Special Report: The Presidential Candidates on Environmental Issues

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama state their positions on some of the key conservation and environmental issues facing the United States today. In this Special Report, National Wildlife Federation offered both the opportunity to answer the same questions on some key conservation issues, limiting each answer to no more than 200 words. The unedited responses to their questions provide an opportunity for you to learn more about their policies and plans.

And now I'm done being politically correct, and it is time for something different...

Douglas and Benny Catpaign for Animal Rights

Catidates Douglas and Benny are two black cats that have jumped on the catpaign trail in order to highlight animal rights issues in the 2008 Elections. Check out their Official Campaign Hindquarters (no, that is not a typo) for an up-to-date scoop on the latest issues.

82 Year-Old Grandmother Tells It Like It Is

Helen and Margaret have been friends for over 60 years. To celebrate that bond her grandson helped Helen Philpot set up a blog so that they could keep in touch. In response to some comments that Margaret made Helen posted HER take on Sarah Palin and the current political situation. Someone who read it posted a link to her blog in comments on the recent Saturday Night Live Sarah Palin skit, and since then Helen has become a blogging celebrity. Check out her intelligent, feisty, pulls-no-punches perspective, "Sarah Palin is a Bitch...there I've said it." And don't forget to read the reader responses, a fun treat in itself, one commented, "You said it all, and have set the rest of us free. The emperor has no clothes..." And if you want more Helen, she wrote a follow-up blog responding to all the hundreds of comments she received "Yep. I called her a bitch and I am not taking it back." Helen, I hope I am as sharp as you are when I'm 82!

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