Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Animal Healers and Orcas, the Newsletter

At long last, the June/July 2008 newsletter is out! When you see the incredible content you’ll understand what took me so long.

Don’t miss our inspiring feature article, “Animal Healers, the Cats of Kitty Harbor,” you just never know where you will find your teachers.

Also included in this issue:

• New Custom Healing and Dowsing Pendulums In!

• Celebrate Orca Awareness Month, support the endangered Southern Resident Orca community

• New Peruvian Q'ero Imports include mesa cloths, chumpi belts, and palo santo wood

Healing Spirits and Animal Communication Workshop offered at East West Bookshop this July

• August 2008 Peruvian Ayni Despacho Ceremony, restore balance and harmony in your life

• Learn to Cook for Your Pet, Free Workshop

Spirited Living: Shamanic Training for Daily Life starts in October

Lost Pet Recovery Tip

Thanks for your interest, and best wishes for a great summer!

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